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Well here we go again.  The latest lockdown means

that Sundays Club event is postponed until further 

notice and the track will also be closed at 6pm

tonight until further notice.   



17/07/2021 -   Gate operation to start 01/08/2021


As of Monday Morning for the next couple of weeks members who have not picked up a Gate card for GKC will start receiving them in the mail. They are a standard while card with a specific number which has been recorded against your membership. The Geelong Kart Club automated gate will be turned on from 01/08/2021. From this date on to obtain access you will need to swipe your card on the swipe pad to get into the Kart complex and to also to exit the kart complex. Cards will stop working upon your membership date expiring so please renew your membership at least one month prior to expiry. Very important to note that the gate cards will only work between the hours of 9am and 6pm. So you must be out well before 6pm. Anyone stuck inside call Dom or Dennis who can open gate remotely. During periods with more daylight we will adjust the closing time to allow longer track access when daylight permits. If you lose your card there will be a $20 replacement fee. So remember 01/08/21 is the date the gate will be closed and card access will be required for entry and exit. 🙂





As of Friday morning for five days GKC will be closed due to another Vic Lockdown.  Track will re open at this time on Wednesday morning 21/07/21 at 9am as per normal.  This may of course change depending on government announcements.




With the 25 km restriction gone for Melbounre

members Club Event 3 will run this Sunday the 20th

June as per normal.  Entries are taken in the canteen

between 8am and 9am .  Lets make this a great

event .  The track will re open for practise as per 

normal Saturday morning at 9am . 




Geelong Kart Club will open for the public holiday on

Monday the 14th June 21 between 9am and 5pm.  

This will be controlled practice and Melbourne based

members are strictly prohibited from attending as per

state government regulations.  The track will then be

closed for the rest of the week until further notice.





The Geelong Kart Club will hold a practice day this 

Saturday the 12th June 2021.  The track will be open

to all non Melbourne members who are still under 

the 25 km travel ban rule at this time.  Gates will open

at 9am and conclude at 5pm.  The track will be 

closed Sunday.





Due to the 25km restriction on our Melbourne 

members due to the covid restrictions the club event

scheduled for Sunday 13th June 21 has been

postponed until further notice.  We will run it at first

opportunity when restrictions are eased.  




GKC will open for Sunday 06.06.21 only between 9am

and 5pm.   Anyone wanting to use the facility on this

date must email : with details of 

driver / pit crew.  This is the only contact where

emails are to be forwarded.  The following strict

conditions apply:


-  If driver is a over 18 then no pit crew allowed.

-  If driver is junior etc maximum one guardian.


Three quarters of our membership base is Melbourne

based and we must stress that Melbourne based 

members will not be allowed to travel down to use 

the track Sunday and will not be granted entry.  This 

is the CHO directions and large fines remain in place.


There will be a maximum of 50 persons allowed at any one time inside the track.  Face masks must be 

worn.  The track will then remain closed until Friday 

morning 9am at this time when hopefully we will be 

able to re open. 





The Geelong Kart Club will remain closed for Friday

the 4th of June.  GKC is currently obtaining further

information and will update members at first opportunity.





After endless analysis we determined the old gate 

system was not worth repairing.  We have found a 

great new high tech solution which has been installed

to work with out existing gate and motor.  The system is now full operational.  We will maintain the 

current gate access process until all our members have been allocated a new card.  There will be one 

card per family / member.  Once we re open, every

Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 1pm members can attend at the GKC entrance office and 

obtain their new card.  This process will run until 

further notice.  Members card when active will be 

active seven days a week and work between the hours of 9am and 6pm.  So you must leave the complex prior to 6pm.  Club officials will have the 

ability to open the gate remotely if any problems arise.  Interstate members will need to contact 

Dominic or Dennis to arrange access as they have 

paid for discounted memberships for limited use.  At

this time we will utilise card technology only but in 

future the system is capable of other access methods.

But until further notice the current access arrangements remain in place.  Don't forget cameras

are now fully operational on the entrance gates :)








The Geelong Kart track is closed due to the Vic Gov

lockdown until Friday morning the 4th June at 9am at this stage.  This is of course dependent on the current

lock down not being extended.  Take care and we will

see you at the track when this latest lock down is all

over :)





New CCTV cameras have been installed and allow 24 

hour monitoring of Geelong Kart Club front gate 

inside and out.  The system has a full long term 

storage capacity and can be remotely viewed.  One 

more step in protecting our great club.





This Saturday and Sunday morning between 9am 

and 1pm anyone can attend at the GKC entrance

office and renew / take out a license -membership.

Any and all other questions can be answered for you.





Stolen Kart 

GKC member Robert Cranston has had his 1998 Tecno

Hornet stolen from a property in Malvern East 3145 

near Chadstone Shopping Centre.   Was stolen on the

or about the 20/04/21.  Chassis CIK SS22 Number

0258.  KT100s engine number 7U5 512 420 Baron

Engine.  A clutch was fitted to engine.  MG reds were

fitted to kart.  Any information please email GKC.









Change of date for Club Event 2  


Sunday May 2nd will now be club event 2 instead of

May 9th.   Due to members requesting the change we

now avoid any clash with Golden Power Series and RKA at Boliver where many of our racers were entered.   Mothers day was also scheduled for May 9 

so this change will suit most of our members.







QR Codes are mandatory for all sports clubs from 23/04/21.  GKC have QR Codes that must be 

scanned by all attendees.  Just use your camera , add phone number and first name.  It only

takes about 15 seconds to complete and your done.  Located on outgrid notice board.




The Short Track will remain in use for Saturday due to track works being completed on the new long track

area.  The long track will be back in use come Sunday morning.






Track will be closed for half day until 1pm on 


Monday 12th April 2021 due to concrete works.




Track will be in short track ( original format ) for a couple 


of days or until further notice.








Please ensure you take a look at the revised Geelong Kart


Club Class Structure which is a downloadable document 


under the Club Event Class Structure tab.  There have 


been updates to the Open class weight structure and all


classes have been updated with the required kart backing


plate and number colour.  









Val Findlay Open moved to October 10th - 2021


The Val Findlay open meeting has been re scheduled to 


Sunday 10th October 2021.  This is to ensure the smooth 


running of the event.  This date will ensure the best result


for our members and the meeting itself.


Race dates are available on the GKC website under the race


dates tab.  A new website is also currently under 


construction which will allow membership/license renewal


and race entries to be taken online.











Outgrid practise lights are now working again.  Please use


them to keep practise runs to a uniform 10 minutes. The


switch to start them is located beside the door of the grid


marshall's office near the outgrid exit.  All drivers must


come in off the track when they pass the flashing red 


light.  The 10 minutes starts when the first driver goes out


on track for a particular group.






Dont forget to look at the Club Event Class Structure tab 


prior to this Sundays club event and make sure you know


your class rules including tyres / weights etc.  Dont forget


maxxis sport tyres are the optional tyre in most classes.








Val Findlay Supp Regs available by Clicking attached Link.


2021 Val Findlay Supp Regs






GKC staff are at the track Saturday and Sunday this


weekend between 9am and 1pm.  Attend at the entrance 


office and you can renew your memberships , take out 


new licenses and memberships , purchase maxxis tyres 


and or have any other query they may have answered :)








Track has re opened -  The GKC track has re opened to


all members as of this morning.  It will be open from 


9am to 6 pm each day.  Please ensure you have a mask 


with you at all times and maintain a suitable distance


within the pits.   



Maxxis Tyres available at track Saturday and Sunday 


Morning -  Between 8.30 am and 1pm Maxxis tyres will 


be available for purchase at the front gate and anyone


wanting to sign up to the club can attend and be taken


care off :)







Club Event 1 has been cancelled this weekend due to covid 


lockdown that has just been announced by Premier Dan


Andrews.   This is a statewide lockdown and the track will


be closed as of 6pm today and will re open at this time on


9am Thursday morning 18/02/2021.  This is of course 


subject to any further lockdown extension.  The next Club


Event is scheduled for March 21st 2021. 







Please go to the new tab "Club Event Format/Time Table"


to see the details of the first club event to be held on the 


Sunday 14th February 2021.  Remember the class 


structure is under the "Club Event Class Structure" tab


also.  Please have a good read.  Maxxis tyres available at 


the GKC this Saturday morning for $230 a set.  






Maxxis Tyres have been a revelation for KNSW.  At only 


$230 a set for cadets and seniors Maxxis Sport Tyres will 


be one of the options you will find in our new club event


class structure for most classes.  Check out the new Club 


Event Classs Structure tab on the GKC internet page to see


what classes are available for our new monthly events and 


also what weights / engines are on offer.  Maxxis tyres are 


available at karting shops and GKC have tyres available 


also to assist members who would like to try.  They will be


available for purchase on weekends down at the circuit and


on race weekends.








The Beckley Park carpark redevelopment has commenced. 


For info all GKC members when you enter Beckley Park via


the main entrance gate the traditional road to the Geelong


kart club has been fenced off for now.  The impressive 


new works continue the rebuild of Beckley Park with the 


large Saturday Market area being completely re designed 


and bitumen laid to replace the dirt.  When it is complete


in several weeks there will be an awesome new road 


through the middle which leads to the GKC main gate.  The


end result will look great but for now please watch your


speed as you follow a new path to the club.  So in short as 


you enter Beckley Park you will no longer turn left - you 


will continue straight ahead.  Just watch your speed and be


considerate of other vehicles.







The 2021 GKC Club event class structure is now available


under the new tab - Club Event Class Structure.  Please


take the time to look at this document to know what class


you can take part in.  The first club event is scheduled for


Sunday 14th February 2021.  Entry will be on the 


morning of the race between 8.00 AM and 9.00 AM at the


GKC clubrooms race entry office.  More to follow.  We are


getting there step by step !  








2021 Race Calendar - This will be subject to change and 


additions as we progress into the year.  Lots happening so 


we need to be agile this year with so much change.



14/02/2021  -  Sunday  -  Club Event 1



21/03/2021  -  Sunday  -  Club Event 2



4/5 April 2021  - Val Findlay  - Open Meeting 



09/05/2021  -  Sunday  - Club Event 3



13/06/2021  -  Sunday  - Club Event 4



08/08/2021  -  Sunday  - Club Event 5



4/5 September 2021 -  RKA State Event - Round 4 - Open



19/09/2021  -  Sunday  - Club Event 6



10/10/2021  -  Sunday  - Club Event 7



14/11/2021  -  Sunday  - Club Event 8




Entries will be taken at the track race morning at this time 


and will be $50.00 .   Weights / Tyres and other information


will follow in due course.  And don't forget you must have 


your own mylaps transponder to enter any race.  See you


at the track.















This means exactly as it reads.   We need all drivers who


will be competing in the soon to be announced new club


events to purchase their own transponders from Mylaps.


You need to go online and make the purchase that suits 


your needs .  You will then need to register the transponder


with the appropriate driver details on the mylaps website.


All drivers having their own registered transponders will


make the race meets run smoothly and will be a non


negotiable requirement for your entry to be accepted.  Get


on mylaps now and don't leave it to the last minute. 


*** Remember no transponder = no race *** 






The Geelong Kart Club new light systems will be set up and


tested and concrete works completed.   Track will be open 


all days other than this Wednesday.  Track will re open at 


9 am Thursday morning.  Strictly no visitors to the track on










Short Track Original Layout to be run this weekend.  This


weekend is your chance to drive the original track layout 


in its resurfaced state and see how the lap times fare.  We


will be completing a few works on the extended area and 


its the perfect time to try our resurfaced short track option.


Anyone wanting to join the club again can simply turn up to


the track Saturday and be joined up in no time at all.








GKC staff will be at the entrance gate of the complex all 


day Saturday.  Anyone wanting to join the club can do so.


All entrants to the complex will have membership and 


license checked for security.  Remember track opens for 


drivers from 9am onwards and is closed by 6pm.  


All members please note you are not permitted to bring 


non licensed drivers to the track and "give them a go".  


This will be strictly monitored.  Everyone has been fantastic


do far.  Lets keep up the great team work.








Track Closure Tuesday 12/01/21 from 9 am until


12.30 pm.   Bitumen works will continue on out grid.



Track and gates will re open at 12.30 PM.  






all day and will re open as per normal Friday 






The track will be open again all weekend for another 


weekend of karting action.  If you have friends wanting to 


join the club Saturday is the day to come down and see


Dominic.   Eftpos is available at the track.   







Don't Forget the amazing new 1 km long circuit is open to 


all members every day from the 01/01/2021 - Opening 


New Years Day from 9am to 6 pm.   You will be updated at


gate with any license and membership enquiries.  You can 


email to query your new membership


dates and AASA license status.    


All non GKC members can pay $50 to drive the new track


for the day on any of the first three open days being 


- Friday 01/01/21


- Saturday 02/01/21


- Sunday 03/01/21 


You will be greeted at the gate by GKC staff.  You can off 


course take out a membership and awesome $90 full race


license at the gate if you so choose.  



Don't miss out on trying this amazing new circuit.  Full 


resurface has also been undertaken for the original track


surface.  BBQ and drinks will be held at Lunch time.






The track has finally had the bitumen laid and will re open 


officially on the 01/01/2021 - New Years Day.  Track will be


open between 9am and 6pm each day to members only.  


Please check the website or facebook page for any days 


when the track may be closed.   There will be a BBQ at 


lunch time on opening day and drinks will be available.  It


has been a long haul and there is still lots to be done but it


will all be worth it in the long run.  



Non Members Welcome Opening Day


On opening day only non members can pay a $50 fee and


drive the circuit.  This will also allow all of our many


recreational drivers who have been attending practise days


to drive the new circuit.  The grid will be controlled on this


opening day due to expected  high numbers of drivers.








Work on the GKC extended track and full resurface has 


now progressed to the stage where the bitumen is ready 


to be laid.  We are now waiting for a series of warmer 


weather days to continue the job.   Regarding the new 


licenses that GKC will offer,  members are being contacted 


and are already signing up to the new AASA GKC license.


The cost of the license has been confirmed as only $90.00


and will allow for practice and racing at GKC events under


the  AASA banner.  All current members will be given a 


AASA license for free for the remaining period of their GKC


membership.  Further details to follow.  Practice license 


holders and new members will only have to take out a club


membership and the new license.  A digital copy of the 


license will be emailed to holders in due course.  Existing


GKC members with KA license holders are being contacted


and will be given discounted costs to allow those that wish


to maintain their existing licenses and obtain the new AASA


license.  More to follow in future updates. 








Work on the track upgrade is going to plan and on schedule


We have been really lucky with the winter weather so far


and this has allowed us to complete a great deal of extra


preparation tasks.  At this time we estimate that bitumen 


will begin to be laid in approx 4 weeks time.  During this


time we will continue to finish off other jobs we need 


completed around the complex whilst the track is closed.


In relation to the new Race America flag light system it has


arrived in Australia and is currently at Dunlop Kartsport 


where stands will be constructed and configuration for the


Geelong track will be developed. 


Points of Interest for GKC independent status :


- We will have partnerships with various organisations 


such as AASA , Karting NSW and others which will involve


the running of race meetings.


- We will have a new style of monthly ( club event ) open 


to a greater range of karters which will include a club 




- When the track is complete all of our current members 


will be able to come and practise at the circuit.


- Simple processes for updating club membership are being


reviewed and further information will be available in due 


course.  Membership fees will not increase.


- GKC will have far greater flexibility to make the circuit 


available for members in the current covid climate once 


track is complete.


- GKC in due course will offer local , open and state style 


events for karters.










Major News - Geelong Kart Club Moves to 


Independent Status


GKC is no longer affiliated with Karting  Victoria or Karting


Australia.  In the coming weeks whilst we complete the 


awesome track upgrades and works announcements will 


be made to our new partnerships and path forward.  The 


future looks wonderful and to be free to take on new


initiatives is like a breath of fresh air.   All members will be 


good to practise on the circuit when it opens as per normal


and be covered by our new arrangements.  The transition 


will be seamless !   Any current members wanting to come


look at progress of the new track are welcome this Sunday


the 05/07/2020 between 11am and 1pm.  For our current 


practice license holders no need to renew practice 


licenses as these mean nothing at GKC anymore.  Your


membership with GKC will be what you require to practice 


at GKC as normal.  Emails and further information will be


posted in due course. All membership renewals and new 


memberships please email or call/text


Dom on 0447 607796.  You will be able to pay by EFT or 


direct debit to GKC account.











Monday's public holiday will be the last chance ever to drive


the Geelong Kart Circuit in its current state before the track


closes for 2 - 3 months for major upgrades.  The weekend


will be a much needed break for our little bank of staff who


have spent the last few weekends at the track giving others


the chance to practise.  These same staff will be using the 


weekend to complete some final preparations for the major


works.  Dont miss this opportunity - The last chance ever 


to drive the historic GKC circuit as it was.  The Covid 19


rules we have been implementing will be in place and we 


again want all to understand that no onlookers or visitors 


will be permitted to enter.  Maximum one pit crew per 


driver.  Strict social distancing measures will be in place 


again.  Hope to see plenty of you down for the final time 


on the old surface.








From 1pm to 5 pm we will be holding a 


working bee focusing on weeding , grass cutting and 


edging.  Please bring a whipper snipper and let gets a


couple of months of grass growth cleaned up.  Lots of 


little jobs that need to be cleaned up.







Massive Investment by Geelong Kart Club re track upgrade


about to begin.



The $470,000 upgrade of the Geelong Kart Club Circuit will


begin in approx three weeks time.  Max Findlay is the chief


co ordinator for the track extension and resurface project


and has been doing a wonderful job getting everything 


ready.  New flag lights are about to be ordered from the US


also in conjunction with the track development.  Its a huge


achievement for the club and will take our circuit to over


1000 metres !  The old layout will still be available also.  In 


even better news the club will remain debt free upon 


completion of the works -  now that's progress.






Saturday 30/05/20 - AASA Practise Day for all karters 


starting at 8.30 am and finishing at 5.00 pm.  $50 per 


driver or $20 for GKC members who we will subsidise.


Strict rules apply - Social distance policies and one pit


crew maximum per driver.  No visitors or on lookers. 





Successful practice days lead to further days next week




SATURDAY 30th MAY 2020 -  Will be another AASA Practise


day.  Same rules will apply as the super successful day we


just had today.  What a turn out and a great fun day !  GKC


was fully prepared with all the precautions required in 









Strict rules in place for weekend practise.  One person 


other than driver only allowed at circuit ( Per Driver )



GKC wishes to advise that rules will be strictly enforced on 


Saturday's KA practise day and Sunday's AASA practise 


day.   On both days the club will follow a strict entrance 


policy of only one person ( pit crew ) per driver.  So this


this very clearly means this isn't the time to bring the 


family down and kids to play whist driver practises.  This 


practise is squarely focused on allowing drivers to get back


out on track.  This will be enforced strictly. No arguments 


will be entered into.  The club will  not be placed at risk by


people not following rules.  If you haven't booked for the


Saturday KA practise day you can do so by emailing   In the article below and on the KA


website are further instructions which must be completed.








Information re additional KA practise day on Saturday


23/05/2020.  GKC have lodged an application for a permit


to run a practise day on Saturday 23/05/20. Whilst we 


wait to see if it will happen could any interested members


please email their intentions to Dennis at .   We aim to have two sessions , 


one in the morning between 9 am and 12 am and another


in the afternoon between 1 pm and 4 pm.  One pit crew


per driver and do not bring all the family etc as this will 


just create additional problems.  Please keep persons to a 


minimum.  Practise will commence under Karting Australia


Stage 1 karting rules.  You must complete the Karting Aust


travel register and isolation form when you register with 


the club.   You must complete the Covid Safe Declaration 


on the Karting Australia website also.  This must be done.









AASA Practise Day Sunday 24/05/2020 - Geelong Kart Club


members included.




Great news , we have a simple , workable practice day for


all karters set for Sunday 24/05/20 which will run between


8.30 am and 5.00 pm.  This is a workable solution to get all


karters on track all day without copious amounts of forms


and complication.  This is not a Karting Australia event so 


KA licenses are not relevant.  Cost will be $50 per driver for


with no time restrictions or bookings required.  Just show


up!  Geelong Kart Club Members ( not KA license holders )


will have the cost subsidised and will pay only $20 per 


driver.  Remember you just roll up , follow the rules re


social distancing and enjoy karting. Be patient when you 


arrive , you will be met at the gate as you drive in and all


documentation ( quick and easy ) will be completed.




The following rules and points are not negotiable :


-  Entry will not be granted prior to 8.30 AM.  Track will 


   close by 5 pm.


-  Clubrooms will not be open and not food/drinks will be 




-  The handful of club officials giving up their entire Sunday


   and placing themselves at risk will be respected and their


   instructions adhered to.  Non compliance will mean you 


   leave the track.  There will be no tolerence for poor 


   behaviour or people that cant follow rules.


-  Social distancing will be enforced and all persons must 


   comply.  Limit of one pit crew per driver allowed.


-  Maximum of ten people in any single cluster together.  


   Social distancing applies within that group.


-  You will be stopped at main gate as you drive in and 


   entry requirements , payment , paperwork will be 


   completed quickly and minimal fuss.  Then you can get


  to do what you came for - karting.




This is not a KA practise day and practise will be run at the


direction of GKC officials.











Stay tuned in the next week or so hopefully for an update 


about the possible return of some form of practise or on track


action for karting at GKC.  There are some meetings taking


place involving Karting Australia and Karting Victoria in the 


next few days which may allow us to provide some important


updates for you all.  Kart say much more at this time but the


possibility of at least discussing the return to some form of on


track practise will take place this week.  We will keep you 


posted.  Membership extensions will be placed on hold whilst 


we get a guide of where things are going.  









Membership Extensions Due To Shutdown


As everyone would well know we had to close the track to all


members approx three weeks ago.  This of course was out of 


our hands and the only responsible thing to do.  There is still


much uncertainty about when we will reopen but we are using


the time to progress our track extension and resurface of the


circuit , the new automated gate and flag light systems as


quickly as  possible. 


We ask that our members renew their licenses as


karting Australia will then add three months onto the renewed


period.  Further information from this can be found on the 


karting Australia website.  In regards to our GKC


memberships  we will be adding three months extra time to 


all memberships that expire after June 30, 2020.  This will be


completed in the next couple of weeks.  For memberships


that expire between 28/03/20 and 30/06/20  we will add an 


extra three months memberships after they have been


renewed.  If some of the members in this category do not 


wish to renew and lost a period of membership they should 


email the club to receive a pro rata reimbursment of any lost


membership period.  Hopefully this covers everyone.







BREAKING NEWS - Geelong Kart Club Track will be 


closed as of 12 pm today ( Saturday ). 


Karting Victoria has this morning informed clubs that from


government information that all kart clubs must close until


further notice.  This must happen and the gates will be pad


locked shut from 12 pm today.  No members are to attempt 


to enter the complex from this time on.  We will endeavour 


to keep you posted re any further developments.








Just clarifying for all our members that the GKC circuit will


remain open for practise as per normal.  Please remember


to practise the social responsiblities that the govt has asked


for at all times.  There is lots of space at the track so keep 


your distance and enjoy something we all love. Lets keep our


track open through this crisis.  It will be  great place to still


have an enjoyable time with the family.  Please practise the 


appropriate health practises in the toilet that remains open


and bring some form of hand sanitiser with you.  Look after


yourselves and happy karting.







AASA Practise Information


We will hold another AASA practise day for all our non KA 


drivers after the upcoming school holidays are over.  Keep an


eye on this page for the exact date,  most likely a Sunday.








Practise Licenses - Available and growing all the time !



In the current financial climate a practise license which is


only $120 for 12 months ( you must still have club member


ship ) is a great option.  If your not into racing but still love


driving the GKC track this is the option for you. You can 


always upgrade to a race license at any time.  The practise


license in conjunction with your club membership allows full


use of the track as per a full race license - it just doesnt allow


you to race.









Karting Australia Travel Register and Isolation Form


To be allowed to use any Karting Circuit affiliated to Karting 


Australia members must complete and submit to KA the 


above form which can be found on the Karting Austalia web


site. It only takes a few seconds to fill out but must be 


completed before you can practise at Geelong or any other 


track.  The link to fill out the form can be found on the 


latest news section of the Karting Aus website.










Karting Victoria Suspend Issue of all event permits Until


01/06/2020  - March Clubday Cancelled as result.


Karting Victoria have issued a statement letting all Vic clubs


know that all permits for events will not be issued until at 


least 01/06/2020 when it will be reviewed.  This means that 


GKC cannot run any club events or open meetings during this


period.  On the positive side the track will remain open as per


normal for practise to all members between 9am and 6pm.


Further information will be posted as it comes to hand. 






Update on GKC and effects of COVID-19 Virus


Firstly at this time the Geelong Kart Track will remain open to


all members as per normal.  We will have further information


as it arrives to us.  We will have Hand Sanitiser placed in the 


disabled toilet which is available 24x7.  We have already been


impacted with the cancellation of driver education days from


schools that have been forced to close.  Further info will be


posted as it comes to hand.  







March Clubday is only two weeks away on the 22/03/2020.


Karting Victoria have used the normal last day in March for


the country series so we had no choice but to run one week


early.  Pre entries will be up in the next day or so.  With GKCV


not having a clubday in March any of their members are 


welcome.  So please get your pre entires in.  This is very


important to help the club attract entries.  If you want your


class to form simply enter early!







AASA Practise Day Sunday 16/02/2020


The track will not be available for KA License Holders.


The track will be available as per our normal AASA rules at 


a cost of $50 per driver.  Track open between 8.30am and 


4pm.  Superkartes welcome on this day also.  







Track Re Opens this Saturday 08/02/2020 at 9am as works 


on the Towers are completed.  Dont forget track is closed for 


a private event Sunday 09/02/2020 all day.  The track will


re open again on Monday morning 10/02/2020 at 9am as per








Track Closure Sunday 09/02/2020


Due to a private event the club will be closed all day Sunday


9th February 2020 all day.  Track will re open Monday as per








February Clubday 23/02/2020


This will be the first clubday of the year. Supp regs have been


submitted to Karting Victoria and once approved will be


available for entry.  There will be seven club days for the club


champtionship this year.  The months of those dates will be


as follows :


February 23/02/2020


March 22/03/2020


April 26/04/2020


May 31/05/2020


No clubdays Winter months June / July - Mid year break.


August 30/08/2020


September 27/09/2020


October 25/10/2020


*** If a clubday is missed due to building works etc , then


November 29/11/2020 may be used to make up the date ***



Seven Clubday events in total. 







The track will reopen Saturday morning as normal on the


25/01/20 until 6pm Saturday the 01/02/20.  The track will


close again from Sunday the 02/02/20 for approx. 4 days


when building works will continue.  Updates will be posted


when further is known.











Track Closure this Friday 17/01/2020 all day due to RMIT


University hiring circuit for testing purposes.  Track will be


open as per normal Saturday prior to closure Sunday morning


as below due to the 2 x Towers Construction.











UNTIL 01/02/20.



Due to the installation of our two huge advertising towers


which will involve large scale machinery on site the track will


be closed to all persons from Saturday morning 18/01/2020


until 01/02/2020.  This may be subject to change due to the


nature of the works and dependence on weather conditions.


Please keep an eye on facebook and this website for further


updates.  The first clubday of the year will be at the end of









Vale Brendon Franks



It is with a heavy heart that the Geelong Kart Club 


informs our members that Brendon Franks passed away on


Friday the 13th December, 2019.  Brendon was much loved


by all who knew him and was without doubt one of the


finest men that I had ever had the pleasure to work with and


be friends with.  Brendon's kindness and willingness to help


anyone will never be forgotten.  Most would know that


Brendon was a tireless worker for our club and we can never


repay all that he did for us in the company of his loving wife


of many years Lorna.  Brendon was a devoted and loving


husband, father and grandfather.  Brendon's family will


farewell him in a private gathering at Ballarat. 


Just six days before Brendon's passing he was with me at the


kart club on a early Saturday morning working as always to


get the track ready for our members. 


Brendon was so looking forward to all the new improvements


that were starting at the circuit and all the work he could get


his hands into......


Brendon was truly a gentlemen and a wonderful friend.  He


will be very sadly missed.  Rest in peace old mate,  you were


one of a kind. 












Club Championship points for 2019 have now been uploaded


to the club championship results tab.  Go in and see how you


fared this year !  


Please remember that as per normal a driver


has to drop their lowest points scoring round, so if you


missed a round an x is shown against your name.  A zero


will refer to the lowest points finish for the year of a particular


driver.  This allows drivers to be away for one round each


year and still be in the hunt for the championship.  Good luck


to all.  A presentation event will be detailed in due course on


this web site.












The following classes have met the criteria ( or close to it ) for


club champsionship status for 2019. 


-     Cadet 12


-     KA4 Junior Heavy


-     Vic Combined Light 125


-     VIc Combined Medium 125



A time and date will be posted when we can as to the


presentation details.  Points will be posted in the results


section in the next few days.  Remember your worst round


is dropped for final results.






TRACK CLOSURE Tuesday 03/12/19 up to and including


Friday 06/12/19 due to earth works re new advertising


towers.  Work is beginning and our two new 20 metre long


advertising screens will be up before the end of the year.


Keep a keen eye on the web site and facebook for more


track closures as various works are completed.





Track Closures due to hire


Tuesday 26/11/2019 - Track closed all day - RMIT


Friday 29/11/2019 - Track closed all day - RMIT


Monday 02/12/2019 - Track closed all day - RMIT





Track Closure Monday 25/11/2019 - day after clubday.


RMIT University will continue their testing program on this


date and the track will be closed all day.  The track will re


open as per normal on Tuesday morning.







Track Closure this Wednesday 20/11/2019.


RMIT University are continuing their significant test program


Wednesday and the track will be closed all day.  Track will


reopen Thursday morning as per normal.







Clubday is running this Sunday 24th November.  This will be


the final clubday of the year.  It will run if sufficient entries


are received by Thursday night.  Please get your entry in if


you are wanting to support club events continuing in the











Track will be closed due to RMIT testing at circuit all day.


Track will re open Saturday morning as normal for Junior


Challenge Practise.   Don't forget to get you entries in for


the Junior Challenge ASAP.





AASA Practise Day Sunday 10th November 2019


The next AASA practise day for all karters will be held on


10/11/19 and the usual rules will apply.  $50 per driver and


superkarters welcome as per last event.  Please remember


that KA licenses are strictly not valid on these days.






Geelong Junior Challenge Practise Days


Saturday the 9th and 16th November will be solely for


drivers entered in the Junior Challenge.  The event itself is


scheduled to run on the 17th November as a one day meet.







Track Closure Thursday 31/10/2019 .  Track will be closed


all day as RMIT will have exclusive use to continue testing


their electric vehicle.  The track will re open on Friday


morning as per normal.






Track Closure - Friday 25/10/2019


RMIT are testing this Friday at the circuit in preparation of


their new vehicle for the global challenge.  Track wil be closed


all day and will re open on Saturday morning as per normal


in preparation for club day.






AASA Practise Day - The next AASA practise day as


advertised on our facebook account earlier this week will be


this Sunday the 6th of October 2019.  The normal conditions


will apply and gates will open at 8.30 am until 5 pm.  This


should be a great day with a large turn out of karters trying


the Geelong circuit for the first time.  Should be fun.  KA


licenses are strictly not valid on this day.  Track will open as


normal on Monday morning.






TRACK CLOSURE MONDAY 30th September 2019 - Track


has been hired out for exclusive use of RMIT University who


are continuing their testing schedule as part of their new


partnership with GKC and their global challenge plans.  Track


will be reopen Tuesday morning as normal for the rest of the










TRACK CLOSURE WEDNESDAY 25th September 2019 - Track


has been hired out for the exclusive use of RMIT university.


RMIT and GKC have formed a great partnership which assists


both organisations and we look forward to helping RMIT with


their goals on the global stage.








Track has been hired out all day to a vehicle driver training


school.  This is a very important educational day and occurs


every year on a given date.  The track will re open on


Sunday morning at the normal time.





AASA Practise Day Sunday 1st September 2019 - Track will


be closed to all KA License Holders.  Normal $50 fee applies


to all karters coming to practise.  Gates open 8.30 am until


5.00 pm.   Normal conditions apply.  Another great chance


to drive the Geelong circuit.






August Clubday Prizes


Don't forget any class with six paid entries or more will have


a raffle ( random draw ) for a new set of tyres or similar


prize.  All pre entries will go into a draw for two days at a


Torquay Hotel Resort.  There has never been a better time


to pre enter for a clubday.






AASA PRACTISE DAY - Sunday the 1st September 2019


The next AASA practise day will  be held on the above date.


Normal cost of $50 per driver applies.  Track will open at


8.30 am and close at 5 pm.  Remember KA licenses strictly


not valid on these days.






GKC Gate Now Operating Again


The electronic gate is now working again, so members will


have to remember to have their gate cards with them.  The


auto open sensor has been re installed on the inside so that


when exiting the track you just have to drive up to the gate


and it will open automatically, removing the need to get out


and swipe your card.






The next AASA practise day will be held this Sunday the 16th


June 2019 between 8.30 am and 5 pm.  On this day KA


Licenses are strictly not valid.






Advertising Towers Update



Two major advertising towers will be constructed and placed


in two location within the GKC complex.  These will be along


the main straight just after the control tower and right around


the back infield section in an area near the trees that will


work in with our new track extenstion area in due course. 


These large neon advertising towers are a major investment


for Beckley Park and will be a great addition to our circuit and


and how it looks.  The Towers have been delayed in red tape


for a while and we originally envisaged them being complete


by now , but it looks more like August at this time.  There will


be minimal track disruption as power will be via underground









Upcoming Events in 2019


October 19 / 20 - 2019


Round 4 Retro Karting Australia National Series


This is the Victorian State Championship.  Details available


on the RKA web home page.



November 17 - 2019


Geelong Junior Challenge


Details are on the Karting Victoria Calendar .






Next AASA Practise day for karters will be on Sunday the 2nd


of June.  Normal rules apply.  No KA licenses are valid on


these practise days.  $50 per driver.  Opening time is 8.30 am


and closes at 5 PM.








All members with email addresses listed in CMS were emailed


Sunday to remind them of the need to pre enter with no


effect.  These early termination ensures no members travel


long distances early Sunday morning to the track only to find


out their is insufficient entries to run a race meet.








The next AASA practise day will be this Sunday the 5th of


May 2019 from 8.30 am until 5 pm.  Normal conditions apply.


Cost is $50 per driver.  The track is strictly not available for


Karting Australia license holders on this day.  Any questions


call Dom on 0438 045 682.









Due to a lack of pre entries April club day will not be run.  As


advertised on this website , facebook and last clubday to


members unless there are 20 pre entries received by midnight


Wednesday of the race day the club day will be cancelled


Thursday morning to ensure officials and members do not get


get caught out travelling to the event only to find out there is


insufficient numbers to run the event.  So if you want to run


clubday pre enter on CMS as requested for quite some years.











Track will re open Saturday morning as per normal.







Next AASA Practise day for all karters will be held on Sunday


14th April 2019 at Beckley Park Raceway between 8.30 am


and 5 pm.  Track strictly not available to KA license holders.


$50 per driver and assistance will be on hand for any karters


that need advice !  







Clubday minimum numbers requirement


Moving forward GKC will require a minimum of 20 paid entries


to be entered on CMS by Wednesday midnight of a clubday


weekend to run the event.  For years now GKC has been


attempting to have drivers pre enter for events to avoid


events being cancelled on the day and to not have those that


turn up waste their time and effort.   If the minimum entries


are not received them the next morning notifications will be


placed on facebook and the club website informing the club


event will not be run.  There will be no exceptions.
























The next AASA practise day for all karters ( KA Licenses not


valid on these days ) will be held on Sunday 24th March 2019


$50 per driver for the day.  All welcome.  On site assistance


to karters provided.  Ring Dom on 0425 707 525 with any


questions about this next practise day.









been hired out for private use. 


TRACK CLOSURE FRIDAY ALL DAY 01/03/2019 - Track closed


due to no practise allowed prior to Saturday practise between


9 am and 5 pm.   Gates open at 8 am.












Due to accommodation being hard to find because of the air


show on the weekend of the Metro Series Round 1 at Geelong


camping will be allowed at the track Saturday night.  The


toilets / showers will remain open all night for the use of











Friday the 1st March 2019 which is the Friday before the Val


Findlay Memorial will see the Geelong Kart Track closed to


all persons for the entire day.  Practise will be available all


day Saturday 2nd March 2019 at the track between 9 am and


5 pm.










Please take note !!!!!!!!!!   The track has been hired out for a


private event on Thursday the 21st February 2019 and


Thursday the 28th February 2019.  Track will be unavailable


both Thursday all day to everyone. 







Next AASA practise day will be held on Sunday the 10th February 2019 from 8.30 am to 5 PM.  KA Licenses strictly not valid on this day.  So track is not available to KA license holders on this day. 


This day has been selected as the Victorian Country Series Round 1 is on this same weekend and many of our members are away racing.  The normal conditions apply.  Any questions email the Geelong Kart Club at or call Dom on 0425 707 525.







AASA Track Day this Sunday 13th January 2019.


Don't forget that KA licenses are not valid on this day.


For information re this karting for everybody day please


contact Dominic on 0425 707 525.







TRACK CLOSURE -  Tuesday 8th January 2019



Please note that the track will be closed all day due to a


private event.  The track will re open on Wednesday


morning at the normal time.  These events are vital to


ensure a stable stream of income for the kart club. 







AASA Practise Days for all and any karters will be back in


January 2019.  The next two practise days will be :



-   Sunday 13th January 2019 - 8.30 am to 5 pm.


-   Sunday 20th January 2019 - 8.30 am to 5 pm.



These are awesome days where anyone can bring any kart


and drive our circuit.  Drinks and snacks available inside the


canteen!   For any enquiries call Dom on 0425 707 525 or


email  .   Please remember KA licenses


are strictly not valid on these AASA days.






- SUNDAY JANUARY 27th 2019 will be the first club day of the


year!  As GKCV are running Pro Tour all GKCV members are


very welcome to attend the first Geelong Clubday of the new


year.  Remember reverse grid will be in play this year.  The


morning session will be a 6  minute practise session.  Should


be fun.