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Important information for New Members


1. You must only ever drive onto the track using the out grid and only ever leave the track via the in grid.  When completing your final lap please place your hand in the air half way down the main straight which allows drivers behind you to understand you are slowing down to enter the in grid which is located at the end of the main straight.  Both out grid and in grid are clearly marked.


2. You must never refuel or use chain lube on any bitumen or concrete areas.  This must always be conducted on the gravel areas and absolutely never on the out grid.


3.  You are never allowed to walk out onto the track area whilst any karts are driving on the circuit.  If you come to a stop out on track place your hand up to alert other drivers that you are slowing and as safely as possible remove your kart off the track to a safe area.  Then you stand behind the nearest tyre bundle and have you kart collected when the session has ended.  If you spin and your kart is on the track you must remove it off the bitumen area of track when safe to do so.   The only time you may enter the circuit to assist a driver who  has spun is when there is imminent danger to that person unless assistance is rendered.  GKC officials will decide if persons may enter track if they are in attendance.


4. You must always practise only in your correct age group.  So the three groups are as follows:  

-  Novice and Rookies together

-  Juniors

- Seniors 

You should use the lights which are located on the out grid which run for ten minutes and flash red when it is time to come in on the next lap.  The ten minutes starts when the first kart leaves the out grid.  You must not reset to give yourself a further ten minutes.


5. You must never not smoke in the pits as motorsport pits contain numerous types of highly flamable materials.  You must walk outside the complex gates if you wish to smoke and please do not leave cigarette butts on the ground.  


6. Do not leave any rubbish including tie ups on the ground.  There are plenty of bins.  Leave your Pit space in the best possible condition.


7. There is strictly no dogs , skateboards, scooters , ball sports within the confines of the Geelong Kart Club.  Motorsport is dangerous and is no place for these activities.


8. Do not bring non karting members to the complex who are not pit crew.  The public are welcome to come to the circuit on race days and watch from spectator areas.  Ensure children are not left to run freely around the pits.  This is a dangerous situation for all concerned.


9.  The disabled toilets are left open 24x7 and available to use for all members.  The main female and male toilets are open only on race days and specific practice days.


10. Never place any unlicensed drivers in your kart to "give them a go".  This is a serious breach of safety and there is no insurance for club or people in this event.  All persons who drive on the track must be members of the GKC and have the appropriate license.


11. Karting Australia and Karting NSW licenses are only accepted on race events.  They must still enter as per normal and pay entry fee.  They will not be allowed to use or enter the circuit on the practice days etc.


12. You must not park your vehicle and trailer on any bitumen or concrete areas.  You park on the gravel and set up on the gravel.  The concrete roads and bitumen are for access to and from the out grid and in grid.  You must never enter the out grid with your vehicle or pit under the out grid.  


13. If you are going to enter a Club Event you must purchase your own Mylaps Transponder from their website.  This is a requirement for racing and entry and is used to lap score your kart during racing.  Website located at:


14.  Remember that new members are on probation for a period of six months from the date of joining.  Any behaviour which is deemed detrimental to the Geelong Kart Club or AASA may cause the cancellation of your membership and AASA license.