Important Information - Club Members Re Renewal of Club Membership and License.


Club Membership


Now that all license and membership information is held on the CMS system , the best and most convenient way to renew your club membership each year is simply to text Dominic on 0425 707 525 or email him at with your name and renewal details.  You will need to send credit card number and expiry date.  Mastercard or Visa only.  Once processed via the clubs eftpos machine details will be deleted.  Dominic will then update CMS and you can then renew your license ont eh CMS system.



License Renewal 


Dont forget Dominic will only renew your club membership.  You must go onto CMS yourself after membership is updated and renew your own licenses as their are medical questions etc to be answered.  You are responsible for having your membership and license updated and or renewed.  You must log onto CMS and check your expiry dates yourself.