Important Information - Club Members Re Renewal of Club Membership and License.


Club Membership


To renew your club membership you now must use the new automated online membership renewal available on the karting Australia website.  Once completed a notification is sent to the Geelong Kart Club who must approve the request before it is accepted.    New license applicants must now pay for and complete their membership application online via the Karting Australia webiste. 


Members are responsible for renewing their own memberships and keeping both their membership and license current.  It is not the responsibility of Geelong Kart Club officials to inform members that their license or memberships are due to expire.  You have to check CMS and keep up to date with your own license details. 



License Renewal 


You must go onto CMS yourself after membership is updated and renew your own licenses as their are medical questions etc to be answered.  You are responsible for having your membership and license updated and or renewed.  You must log onto CMS and check your expiry dates yourself. When you fail to renew your membership or license before the expiry date you do not gain any extra time when you finally renew either.  The expiry date is backdated to the original expiry date.