Club Day - How does it all work




Clubday is the basis for karting in Victoria.  It is the race days where new drivers can learn their kart racing skills after practising for the time required to get up to speed.  Best advice to new drivers - look up the times from previous clubdays for the class you intend on racing, once you are able to lap the circuit at a suitable speed ( within 3-4 seconds ) then you are ready to start your race career.


Dont forget karting and in particular clubday is all about having fun!  But that being said the competition is still very high if you are wanting to get to the front.  In Victoria clubday race dates are set by Karting Victoria, that is all clubs have their clubday on the same date.  This will usually be the last Sunday of the month.  This can vary so you need to check the Karting Victoria website which contains the race calendar for the year and you can pre plan your clubdays in advance.


Listed below are some very important steps and points which you will need to read carefully to be ready for your first clubday.



-    You will need to have your own transponder ( timing device ). This is a must and they can be quite expensive.  Karting Australia have made it mandatory to have these devices.  An older system will cost approx $340 new or less if you can purchase secondhand.  Note in 2016 Mylaps ( the makers of the transponders ) have come up with a new system where the transponder costs less , but you need to pay a yearly hire fee.  Please go the Mylaps website to read further information and purchase your own transponder.  The new transponder is registered to the driver.  Please don't come to clubday without a transponder , it is a requirement.


-    You need to pre enter on the CMS system to race clubday.  When your new license card arrives from Karting Victoria you will be given a license number (V 1112 for example ) and a password.  You will need these to log onto CMS and enter the class you wish to race.  Go to the Karting Australia website and click on "enter a race meet" and follow the prompt from there.  Have a credit card ready as Geelong Kart Club have now got the securepay system up and running and you cannot enter without paying at the time.  Entry fee per class is $50.00.   CMS pre entry closes midnight on the Thursday before racing.  We will still accept your entry on Sunday morning for a clubday only, but you will pay $55 in stead of $50.


-    If you are a new driver to clubday , you will have to display a P Plate for several races (3 for seniors and 4 for children ).  You must affix a P Plate to the rear of your kart where it is visible to other drivers and officials.   Any P Plate will do.  


-    When you enter clubday in the morning ( entries taken in canteen between 8.30 am and 9.30 am Sunday morning you must complete and sign a scruteneering form and make sure your transponder number is written on the top of the form.  You must select a kart number and then attend the entry counter where you entry will be processed.  The club official will check to see if your number is available for your use that day.


-     When you are a P Plater or any driver looking to move to a higher license grade you must request an endorsement on the CMS system when entering.  You must always ensure you inform the club official processing your entry that you are seeking an endorsement and they will ensure the endorsement if applied for.  At the end of the meeting the officials will grant or deny the endorsement depending on how you have driver.


-     In 2019 clubdays will be a mixture of time qualifying and random draw grids.  When qualifying the position that you qualify will give you your starting position for Heats 1 and 2.   Even if you are a P Plater where you qualify is where you start.  When we have random draw grid ( every second race meet ) you will start race one in a certain position and then race two in the reverse position number.


At the completion of the two heats your combined results will give you your starting position for the final.  At the completion of the final all points from all three races are tallied together and results are posted from there.  The top three will receive a trohpy at presentations.  



Typical Clubday Summary Below


Gates Open               -                  7.00 AM


Entries Taken            -                   8.30 AM to 9.30 AM


Drivers Briefing          -                  9.35 AM ( Held inside clubrooms )


Timed Practise           -                  9.45 AM  -  Then 2 x 10 Lap Heats , 1 x 12 Lap Final.


Presentations            -                   15 Minutes after completion of racing ( Held inside clubrooms )